Key in Partnership is local networking between church leaders and others who are active in church life. Networking generally takes place in local clusters. It is a key aim of the Regional Coordinators to bring local clusters into being, but the intention is that the clusters are led by local steering groups or individuals who know the needs in their areas and can shape the local programme of events.
Activities vary between areas, but may include training events and programmes, informal networking events (for example, suppers), and short residential conferences. The aim is to network church leaders and others to enable them to compare notes and stimulate each other, and provide local informal training and development for our churches. 
Regional Coordinators would like to hear from anyone who is interested in helping to stimulate Partnership activities in their area. If you are elsewhere in the country, we’ll contact you if you drop us an email at
 Andrew Conlan
Team Leader
Regional Coordinator South West
Phil Davies
Regional Coordinator Wales
 Andy Dykes
Regional Coordinator North West
 John Jenkins
Regional Coordinator London & South East
 Simon Ladd
Regional Coordinator East Anglia
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