Learning To Share The Good News – RRP£9.99

Authored by Stephen McQuoid, this is the second book in the Learning to,,, series.

Many would agree that the greatest challenge facing ordinary churches and
ordinary Christians in western society today is how to spread the gospel and
how to ensure that on a daily basis people are professing Christ for the first time.This book addresses that challenge head-on.

It is full of practical suggestions on how to make the most of opportunities and how to develop strategies for evangelism in and through the local church. It also looks at the difficult questions that emerge in discussion with non-Christians, whether seekers or not, and how they can be answered.




Learning to Preach – RRP £8.99

The Third book in the ‘Learning to…” series, jointly authored by Jeremy and Stephen McQuoid

It has long been the case that many Christian preachers have learned to preach simply by doing it. Eventually, many have found their way to reasonable competence, but only through much longsuffering on the part of their hearers! This method, however, carries the risk that preachers will simply reinforce bad habits and practice as well as good ones.

The fact is that much can be learned about preaching, both through books and in the classroom, provided the learning is coupled with practice that is constructively criticized both by the preacher and others.

This book has been written with the simple aim of helping self-taught amateur preachers, and novice preachers, to improve. And those who have had some preaching training, whether at Bible school or in other ways, will find it helpful as a refresher. Why not use it as a textbook for training preachers in the local church and in other local groups

Learning from the Past, Facing the Future

In this 2011 book of essays for ‘Brethren’, Neil Summerton Summerton considers some of the key issues which face churches of our roots, across the world.

182 pages

£7.00 including post & packing

Learning To Lead

The first in the ‘Learning to”…’ series, authored by David Clarkson and Stwphen McQuoid

Learning To Lead is written by church leaders for church leaders. It seeks to encourage the pursuit of excellence and prepare leaders to face the challenges of an ever changing world. The authors tackle the range of issues leaders face offering biblical and practical advice stemming from years of experience. Whether you are an established leader or just beginning, this book will help you to identify what Christian leadership is about.

182 pages

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Fresh Shoots on Stony Ground

An outstanding book on the subject, with chapters by practitioners on the theory and practice of church planting today.

286 pages

£9.00 including post & packing

 Building Biblical Churches

A detailed consideration of the Partnership ethos statement heading by heading, together with study questions for church leaders and congregations. Ideal for study in home groups, to strengthen church members understanding of the requirements of church life.

93 pages

£7.00 including post & packing

The Model Church

Author David Smith, formerly Principal of Perth Bible College

What is the church to be? What is its essence?
What is the church to do? What are its expressions?
What is the church to become? What is its goal?

THE MODEL CHURCH provides the answers through developing an integrated church model, that includes the essence, expression, and goal dimensions, and can be used to evaluate and guide the life of the church.

196 pages

£8.99 – post & packing will be added at cost

The Brethren Movement Worldwide:
Key Information – 5th edition

Edited by Ken & Jeanette Newton

This volume brings together information on Christian work associated with the Brethren movement in 117 different countries/territories in the world.  The information was collected in association with the seventh International Brethren Conference on Mission (IBCM) in 2019. IBCM conferences aim to bring together for mutual encouragement leaders in the Brethren movement from as many as possible of the countries in which there are local churches associated with movement.

346 pages

£9.00* including post & packing for UK deliveries.
*Excess international postage charges will be invoiced following dispatch.

Serving God’s People: Rethinking Christian Ministry Today

Are the prevailing views of the nature of Christian ministry right, or do they need drastic revision? What is to be learned from the Bible about the nature of ministry, and how can this be applied in the 21st century? Must Christian ministers be male, full time and omnicompetent?   Do ministers themselves need care? What is the best way of going about the process of finding and appointing full-time Christian ministers?  

These are some of the Questions addressed in this book. Derek Tidball, formerly Principal of London School of Theology, commented “Here is a really helpful source of guidance chiefly for independent churches. When you’ve read it you’ll want to keep it by your side and consult it often”.

250 pages
Out of print.  
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 A Noble Task – Eldership and Ministry in the Local Church

The apppointment to eldership, the nature of the task as pastor, teacher, leader, prayer.  The relationships involved in collective leadership.  The growing practice of full-time congregational ministry.  Dr Neil Summerton covered these and more subjects in his second edition (1994) of the publication which now cries out for a 21st century update. Commenting on the work, Anvil magazine wrote “This book is full of wisdom, and should be required readiing for all who are called to positions of leadership in the churches”.

213 pages
Out of print.  
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Declare His Glory: Congregational Worship Today

In his foreword to this second edition, twenty years ago now, Jonathan Lamb reflected “Everywhere I travel I meet Christians who are looking for this sort of material.   They are disturbed by the superficiality of so much in our evangelical subculture; they looking for fresh ways of involving the whole community young and old; they want to retain what is truly helpful from the past whilst responding to the realities of the 21st century culture in which they live; and they long for a spirituality with depth which moves beyond particular forms and styles, and instead expresses itself as an entire way of life rather than a specific event on the Sunday morning.
“Declare His Glory helps us in this process. The work is accessible in its style but retains a depth of reflection and breadth of application.  Each of the essays provokes us to consider new avenues of thought and introduces suggestions for congregational worship would are full of spiritual insight and practical help”.

136 pages
Out of print. 
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 Church Leaders Handbook

A resource for church leaders, comprising biblical and practical guidance on a wide range of topics relating to the leadership, activities, pastoral care and general oversight of local churches today.

Edited by Harold Rowdon who taught church history at London Bible College for 37 years. There are over 40 contributors including John Baigent, Fran Beckett, Donald Bridge, Peter Kimber, Jonathan Lamb, Peter Maiden, Alastair Noble and Neil Summerton


390 pages

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