John Jenkins

John Jenkins is the regional co-ordinator for London and the South East and the co-ordinator of the London Hub, a joint replanting and revitalising venture. He is also an Elder at Journey Church Harrow as well as a mission catalyst working with the No Place Left Coalition.

Originally from Cardiff, he came to London in the mid 70’s to study at LBC and somehow ended up staying. He, his wife and family now live in Harrow.

He has a passion for discipleship and growing healthy churches… also rugby, jazz and coffee.

Contact John:

tel:      07599 295282

London and the South East Activities

London is a big place and there is plenty to do.  Partnerships works in the capital primarily through a range of cluster groups, some regional and some activity focused, and through one to one or group meetings in coffee shops and rail termini.

He is a list of the clusters

  • West London Cluster (Harrow) – three times a year
  • North East London Cluster (Woodford) – three times a year
  • Planting and Revitalisation Cluster (London Hub) – four times a year
  • South East England Cluster (Maidstone) – six times a year
  • Joint Clusters (London Hub) – twice a year

To find out more about our cluster meetings or to sign up for our cluster newsletters, contact John

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@PartnershipLondon,  @PartnershipSouthEast,  @PartnershipLondonHub



Interested in Revitalisation?  We can let you have a copy of Renewal by John James at cost price. 



A full recording of the London Hub Leaders’ Forum “Growing Churches Through Resourcing and Planting” that took place on the 14th November 2020 is now available. 

The London Hub Leaders’ Forum “Growing out of Lockdown” took place on the 10th July 2020 on zoom.

A shortened video of Chris Reveley’s keynote talk, with slides is available for all.  See below.

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