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Partnership is a network of individuals, bodies and self-governing churches.  Its ethos is reflected in a strong commitment to:
  • the centrality of Christ and the cross
  • Scripture
  • spiritual vitality, in congregations and in their individual members
  • open-hearted co-operation with all committed Christians and local churches
  • evangelism at home and abroad
  • action and outreach to benefit our local communities
  • conversion, believer’s baptism and regular communion
  • plural leadership
  • wide use of the spiritual gifts and abilities of every member of the congregation.
We believe, biblically, churches should be:
  • flexible and culturally-adaptable
  • committed to outward-looking, culturally-relevant evangelism
  • non-hierarchical, emphasising gift rather than office
  • encouraging heart devotion with practical results
  • seeing every member as of equal value though different in gifts and skills
  • promoting individual initiative in fellowship with others
  • embracing all who believe in and wish to serve Christ.
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