Simon Ladd 

Simon has been the Partnership area coordinator for East Anglia since retiring as senior leader at West Road Church, Bury St Edmunds in 2016. Simon began as pastor of Brockley Baptist Chapel at the age of 25 and through the years has served in F.I.E.C, Baptist, A.O.G. Pentecostal and Brethren churches.  

Simon is married to Belinda, who is a teacher at Thurston Upper School and they have 3 grown up children. 

Along the way they have worked for two years on a residential project for those dealing with addictions, and Simon has also been a teacher a Highpoint Prison. 

“I’m interested in just about any sport, I like photography and art, I fly a paraglider and a paramotor. I have a motor bike. I circumnavigated the Isle of Wight in and 11 foot Topper dinghy and sailed a 17 foot catamaran  from Lands End to Lowestoft. I have just started to learn woodturning. On a good week I can do Parkrun in 30 mins.” 


 07548 515811

East Anglia Updates and Activities

Who would have thought, when it started, that Covid19 would prevent some of our churches from meeting physically for 7 months? It is never easy leading a church, but the pandemic has brought new pressures. Here is a chance for leaders to meet, discuss, share, learn from each other, encourage, support and pray.

Even without Covid19, Partnership East covers 7616 square miles, with some churches 100 miles apart – so the online meet-up saves a lot of time and CO2.

Online Zoom meet-up is scheduled once a month, for 45 minutes. Let’s get involved and see how it develops.

Email: for a link. Don’t worry if you have never zoomed before.

Upcoming Events

Zoom meet up for church leaders in the East of England.

Thursday 12th November at 12pm.

See this video invitation for more details:


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