More on that Updated Guidance
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The Government issued new guidance for places of worship on Friday 26th March, in line with its Covid recovery Road Map.  Thorough reading of the guidelines is recommended for all…

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Partnership @ Life Connect
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Partnership staff, including all the Regional Coordinators led a week of video reflections on the Great Commission last week, hosted on Life Connect by our friends at Counties. You can…

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Christmas Where I Am

Like many churches the services at Christmas are the ones where Shirley Baptist Church receives most visitors. So, a great deal of time and effort is taken to make these…

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Carol, Carol Gaily!
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It was hoped that government guidance against congregational singing in church might be revised when the national lockdown in England comes to an end on 2nd December.  Yesterday (29 November) it…

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New Chief Operations Officer
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Partnership is delighted to announce Evan Winter as its new Chief Operations Officer. Evan brings a wealth of experience in leadership and operations management with different Christian organisations. In his…

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Re-opening your church building

No rushing headlong into this week-end, but ensuring we are thinking about our individual contexts and settings, will be key to the safe re-opening, which may take some time, despite…

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