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Looking For People Of Peace
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The first half of September, Journey Church Harrow (JCH) had a small team of people come over from the US with East-West Ministries to take part in a mission week. The goal of the week was to do gospel pushes in the community for the purpose of finding those individuals in which God is moving their hearts toward Him. The team was paired up with local individuals from the outreach team at JCH and they went knocking on doors for a few hours in the mornings and afternoons. The result at the end of the week was 659 doors knocked, 254 people engaged, 76 people received prayer, and 53 people heard the gospel. Of those that heard the gospel, one person received Christ and there are about 30 others that are receiving follow up visits.

Given the diversity of Harrow, there was ample opportunity to engage and follow up with many people from different nationalities and religions. Of which, the most interesting connections seemed to be with a number of people who were disillusioned Muslims. Meaning they have seen through the façade of Islam or have chosen to not engage with the Islamic community. This allowed them to be very open to the gospel and the person of Jesus. In addition to engaging with those far from God, there were quite a few believers the team met who were encouraged and wanting to join in on the outreach in their community.

The outreach team from JCH continues to do follow up with those engagements in order to best filter and find those new disciples. On the back of the week, the church hopes to raise more workers from the harvest by making new disciples and even planting small house churches in order to best infiltrate the estate with the gospel. East-West Ministries hopes to aid this work by sending more teams to help JCH reach their community.

Victoria Wheeler

Mission Catalyst (Journey Church Harrow)

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