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God at work on the streets of South London!
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On Saturday November 12, 2022, John Jenkins (Regional Coordinator London & the Southeast) took a small NPL Team from Journey Church Harrow down to Peckham, in South London.  There they joined with Tony Ozue, (Elder at Heaton Road Church) and a group of leaders gathered from local churches.  The aim of the day was to train and equip these leaders with simple evangelism tools and then take them out on the streets of Peckham.  The impetus for pulling this training together arose out of a new London Hub Regional Cluster launched in Peckham in the previous September.

On the day, some 20 leaders, drawn from 9 mainly diaspora churches, gathered. During the morning they were trained in the Why? Who? What? and When? of sharing the Gospel and helped to shape their personal stories and deliver a simple Gospel presentation based on three circles.  They were introduced to the concept of sowing widely and offering prayer in the search for persons of peace. Then, having modelled how to connect and start a gospel conversation, the group was divided into pairs and sent either around the doors or out on the high street.

Bearing in mind that most of the group had never done anything like this before and they were only out for a short period of time, the results were really encouraging. Out of 122 doors that were knocked, 50 people were engaged, 18 were prayed for, 14 heard the gospel and 1 person turned and believed.  Plus 6 believers were trained in the same simple Gospel tools.

And it did not stop there…

Several weeks later, one of the homes was revisited in order to deliver a Bible.  The intended recipient was not at home, but her housemate was.  He heard the Gospel and then turned and believed.

And it does not stop there…

One lady who came to the training was so inspired, and emboldened, by what she heard that she gathered her women’s group together, invited Tony to do some further training with them and then they took to the streets, buggies and all, and… six teenagers gave their lives to Christ as a result.

Hope this inspires you.

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