reNew is a video-based learning resource to help us think through Bible principles and practical steps towards revitalisation. Simon Ladd has had over 35 years of experience in church leadership, serving in a variety of local churches in SE England. Drawing on both his own experience and that of those with whom he has served, reNew is a tool that can help you, as a leader, think through the regrowth possibilities in your local church.
The course has an introduction and then 5 main sessions:-
1,  Get real 
2. Change 
3.  Mystery Shopper 
4.  What is a church?
5.  Vision, Strategy and Mission.

The ReNew course is now available on GLO’s  Tilsley Academy platform without charge. Simply click link below, where you will be taken to Tilsley Academy where you can register for free and use the ReNew materials either for personal reflection or as a group of leaders at your local church.

Please contact if you have any difficulties in accessing this.


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