How to join

Partnership depends on the input, interest and support of its members. There are several categories of membership (see below). All types of member receive copies of Partnership publications without further charge(member local churches receive multiple copies, as indicated below)

Applications for membership

Please download and complete the appropriate membership application form for your category of membership (church or individual/organisation) and return it by email to or by post to Partnership UK, PO Box 432, Deal, CT14 4BS.
Payment of the membership fee can be made by any of the methods indicated in the application form.
Payment may be made online using PayPal by clicking the link below. Please also return a completed application form as requested above.

Individual membership

This is open to all individuals who share Partnership’s interests and goals. There is a single annual membership fee for members anywhere in the world of £35 (one copy). Application Form – Individual

Amounts given by individual members over and above the membership fee are of great help to Partnership and and, if you pay UK income tax and have made the necessary declaration, we can recover gift aid on the additional amounts given . Gift Aid form.

Subscriber organisations

For organisations such as libraries and colleges whose interest is in receiving copies of Partnership publications. Annual fee: £35 (one copy).Application Form – Organisation

Partner organisations. 

For organisations which share Partnership’s goals and wish to give a degree of support to Partnership. Annual fee: £50 (two copies). Application Form – Organisation.

Local churches.

Local churches pay on a sliding scale in relation to the size of the church and receive multiple copies of publications in relation to their size. Application Form – Church     

Scale of charges and publications sent

No. of members/regular attendees

Annual membership fee

No. of copies of publications

2 – 50



51 – 100



101 – 150







UK Churches may choose a higher level if they wish to receive more publications.

Some churches add a donation to their membership fee. This is a great help to us as membership fees cover only a fraction of the costs of Partnership’s work.

Overseas churches can email us at to discuss the level of membership fees.


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