Latest annual statement of accounts available here.

Partnership is a work of faith which relies on God to provide for its financial needs.

Partnership’s expenditure is increasing rapidly as it expands its networking and other activities. In the present financial year, it is budgetting to spend over £85,000, i.e., a doubling of expenditure over the level in recent years. Some £65,000 a year would be in staff costs. Income from partnering fees is about £16,000 a year only, half of which is spent on publications that partners receive.  We look to God for donations and grant income to cover the rest of our expenditure. We hope that partnering churches will consider adding donations to their annual partnering fees.

Individuals continue to give a substantial amount of their time to Partnership’s work without payment. But changing circumstances and customs mean that remuneration is necessary on a much greater scale than in the past, if the work is to be done to the standard and in the way that is now expected. 

Thus, gifts and donations are essential if the ministry is to be maintained.  More so if it is to grow to meet need.

For those paying UK income tax, gifts can be made under Gift Aid arrangements. You can donate by clicking the ‘Donate & Pay’ button or you can contact the Treasurer (Philip Miles, Ash Tree House, Fen Lane, Rickinghall, Nr. Diss, Norfolk IP22 1DR).

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