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Welcome to Gerston Chapel, Paignton

We extend a warm welcome to Gerston Chapel who have recently joined Partnership.  If you are ever able to visit them when you are on holiday in the Torbay area they will make you very welcome.

The Chapel is on a main street in the centre of Paignton, built in 1888. In recent years various work has been done to give it a facelift. About 25 years ago they were able to buy a large property next to the chapel as a community centre which gives a range of opportunities. About that time a group from Gerston went to the neighbouring fellowship at Great Parks to assist in their witness.

The elders at Gerston, aware of the challenges of an ageing congregation and wanting the church to continue to be a witness in that locality, asked Partnership to provide a Church Check which happened just before lockdown. That has been an encouraging process and we continue to pray and discuss with them as they seek to know God’s purposes for them. They have a wonderful legacy and we look forward to seeing the Lord’s plans being worked out in and through them in the coming months and years.

Andrew Conlan – Partnership SW Co-ordinator

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