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We Need Your Feedback

While attending Living The Passion, I was quite surprised to be accosted by various people that I had never met.  It became clear that more churches have been following the ReNew material than I was aware of.  I was pleased – but can I ask, if you have done ReNew that you help – by emailing in a brief review.

There might be a second series – and if there is, we want to be sure that it addresses live issues and deal with questions that are actually being asked.

If you haven’t seen the ReNew videos (Bible Principles and Practical Steps Towards Church Revitalisation) it is available free of charge* on the Partnership website.

*We don’t want anyone to miss out on this important resource because of money issues – but we do invite churches to make a gift at the end, based on what they can afford and what they think it has been worth!

Simon Ladd – Regional Co-ordinator Partnership East

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