We want to see a growing network of spiritually-alive, biblically-radical, dynamic independent churches which are effective in mission in their communities and which are encouraging one another in their Gospel work for the Kingdom

We don’t define what such churches will look like, because each will look different, depending on individual circumstance, and because it is for them to decide what the terminology of the vision can best mean for what they are, where they are. “Biblically radical” however, refers to the importance of returning always to Scripture as the basis for church life and action.


We seek to achieve our vision by:

  • maintaining regular contact with churches and church leaders
  • facilitating networking between them
  • providing them with advice, support, and publications.

This summarises what we as Partnership do to work towards our vision. The help and encouragement which we give to individual churches and leaderships must vary according to their circumstances and what they perceive to be their needs. The same is true of local networking between churches, which can and does look different in different places. In the case of local networking, we have a suite of possibilities based on experience in a variety of settings which can be adopted or adapted locally.

Our values underpin everything we do and say.They can be summarised as:

We are committed to caring for churches and offering them sound, reliable advice and support. We respect the rights of local church leaderships to reach their own decisions in their own way, allowing for diversity and creativity.

We trust in the Lord of the Church and look to him for leadership. Our interactions are through friendship based on trust and networking.

We are committed to the
unity of the Church and a non-denominational approach. We do not duplicate the work of other bodies serving the same local churches, but encouraging them in their ministry, co-ordinating our efforts with theirs, co-operating with them, and spotting gaps which should be filled by us or others, whether separately or in strategic alliances.

We don’t believe one size fits all. We are committed to evangelism and the growth of churches, and a vibrant spiritual life in churches and individuals — whatever that looks like in the local context.

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