‘God’s word is not chained!’ 2 Timothy 2:9

The country may be in lockdown.  But rather than hindering gospel progress, this is already proving to be a time of multiplied ministry opportunities.

At the end of March (when I should have been on holiday in France) I not only got to lead the first Zoom service for a local church – but went straight to London to preach a second time on the same Sunday morning.  Some churches are asking for pre-recorded talks, freeing up that precious Sunday morning slot to minister elsewhere. This week, I’ve been asked to record daily Bible reflections for Highgate International Church – and we’re looking at how this ministry can be shared with other churches.  Many people are joining in on internet services who otherwise couldn’t – and not just the housebound; my friend who is commanding a naval vessel in the Gulf got to worship with his family as the service at home went out live over YouTube – so how many more are listening in?

Have you ever thought how much of the New Testament we wouldn’t have if Paul hadn’t been so often in (literal) lockdown?  Writing from prison to the Philippians he could see that ‘what has happened to me has actually served to advance the gospel’ (Philippians 1:12).  Entrepreneurial evangelists can say the same about Covid-19.  This is a time of gospel opportunity – which will only grow as fears, frustration, isolation (and much else) intensify.  Let’s seize the moment – and pray!

It’s also an opportunity to make progress in discipleship.  Summer is not normally a good time to put on extra training courses.  But this year is different.  Please get in touch with Mark Davies (GLO training director) MDavies@glo-europe.org or me alistair.hornal@partnershipuk.org if you would like to explore opportunities to grow in your understanding of God’s word or become better equipped for service this summer.

Alistair Hornal

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