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Stepping Out – Training That Comes To YOU!

For many people in church leadership it is just not practical to take a year or more to study full-time at Bible college.  Yet the need is there to be better equipped to serve God and to have a stronger grip on his word and ways.  Any worthwhile training course will need the investment of time and a commitment to personal study, which is much more sustainable if you are not studying on your own. It is much more accessible if it can be done largely from home and in close connection with your local church.

Stepping Out aims to provide this.

One year part-time programme starting this September
In association with our partners in Enable we are running a mentored training scheme for anyone aspiring to serve in new or improved ways in their local church. We want to engage with you in a learning environment that is flexible, with a core curriculum of applied biblical and theological studies alongside a mentored approach to developing your capacity to serve God in your local context.

Key aspects to Stepping Out
➢ In-service college-level training, accessible for those who can’t be released from existing ministries or employment situations to do a full-time college course
➢ Receive mentoring & coaching from experienced teachers and church workers
➢ Blend personal studies with online/zoom tutorials
➢ Making use of local mentoring in ministry skills including input from outside your local church
➢ Local flexible delivery of quality training to a dispersed student body.

Main Programme Details
Biblical & theological studies: combining a Tuesday evening live-streamed study class (Tilsley College – Joshua Online) with personal studies and four 24-hour face-to-face study intensives (Friday evening/Saturday). These residentials would be held at a central access point or de-pending on students locations rotated between the locations where the trainees are living.
Ministry relevant training: short study units such as Learning to Lead, and workshops in evangelism, pastoral care, apologetics, and other aspects of ministry relevant to your work.
Mentoring for personal growth: a combination of exploring local coaching as well as programme tutors to help you work through key growth issues in your own life and ministry.


Is Stepping Out for you?
This programme is shaped to help people with some of these potential outcomes

➢ Wanting to take a step forward, willing to take up new responsibilities in the local church, needing deeper biblical insights and understanding so as to serve effectively.
➢ In a leadership role in your local church and wanting to enhance your capacity to serve and improve your strategic and biblical thinking about ministry.
➢ Reflecting on a career change into bi-vocational or full time ministry, whether in the UK or abroad. Wanting a period to reflect, deepen biblical understanding of ministry and have a mentor to work things through.
➢ A taster year for exploring the possibilities of full-time biblical studies and theology.
➢ Taking on an intern at your church, and looking for some systematic programme to blend with practical ministry.

Cost & Registration
We are willing to look at pro-rota depending on how much of the programme you can engage with, but the full year is costed at a maximum of £590 which includes the Tuesday Joshua year programme (40 hours of taught classes), Learning to Lead (10 hours taught material) and at least 4 x 24 hour residentials (Friday lunchtime to Saturday afternoon type) and mentoring input once per month.
If you would like to taking part in this training programme, please contact us with some information about yourself and your work or leadership responsibilities and we will get in touch with more details on the registration process.

Mark Davies (GLO Training Director)

Mobile: 07503953259

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