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Training A New Generation Of Gospel Leaders

Someone once said the ministry is a Marathon, not a SPRINT.

South Park Chapel has been witnessing the Gospel of Jesus Christ since 1905. Many things around have been changed demographically but the preaching of South Park Chapel has been the same as it was in 1905 “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners”. The study and teaching of the Bible has been the paramount importance to us as a church.

South Park Chapel sent their first missionary to Tangier, Morocco on November 1915 to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the inhabitants of Morocco. As a Church, we have always been supporting the Gospel needs so it be here at our shores or abroad.

For quite a while as leaders at South Park Chapel, besides boldly preaching the Gospel, evangelising and making disciples, we have also been discussing and praying about how we can train and mentor a new generation of Gospel leaders. We believe this is the most important task laid upon any church leader… to seek out and train future leaders. We all know how deeply in need our land is when it comes to leadership within the churches.

Our Lord himself gave us the best form of an example of leadership training. He took twelve men to live with Him, to go everywhere with Him and He trained them by leading them by example and discipling them. These men we read in Acts 17:6 “ … Turned the world upside down”. We see the same example displayed among many of the Apostles of Jesus in the New Testament Church.

We thank and praise God for the appointment of Cristian Maroneac as our ministry trainee who is a qualified teacher. Cristi has joined us with his wife Monica and his son Robert.

Of course, the training comes with a cost and risk attached but as a Church, we are willing to take a risk and sacrificially support in the advancement of the Gospel. As Elizabeth Eliot said “Obedience is our responsibility. The result of our obedience is up to God.”

Please join with us and pray that the Lord of harvest may raise many Gospel workers who boldly and courageously proclaim Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

Shenazzer Morris (South Park Chapel)

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