Supporting a Pastor in Training – Part One

We all know the scenario where a young person applies for a job but is told that they don’t have enough experience to be given the job. So the question logically arises, How do they get the experience needed in the first place if they can’t get the job? They need on the job experience and training, and someone who is willing to provide that for them. The question is very similar for ministry training, except in churches we have a recognised format for providing such training, when we employ assistants, curates or, as in our case, a pastor in training.

At Salway we have sent out a succession of young men into pastoral or missionary training, and the last one left in 2017 to take up a training position in Leeds after two years at the Cornhill Training Course. We felt that we had the resources to support another young trainee pastor over a three year period. In this case, we wanted to take someone who had already completed a ministry course so that we could help them move forward in their ministry journey, and this led us to Jamie Gallacher who had finished a course at the Edinburgh Bible College.

Our aim therefore is to give Jamie experience of all aspects of church life so that he can test his calling, discover where he might fit (as well as where he might not) and be stepping stone for future ministry, wherever that might be. Jamie is also pursuing a part time course with Edinburgh Bible College to back up what he is doing. Our prayer is that this period with Salway will allow him to fan his gifts into flame and serve as a foundation for his life’s future ministry.


Ian Rees – Pastor, Salway Evangelical Church

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