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Stepping out in faith in Newquay

Newquay URC is now at a decisive point on its way to becoming an independent fellowship. As Christians we all must put our faith in God when we hear His call. Some steps of faith feel huge. They can seem like mountains especially when you are a relatively small congregation tasked with a vision in front of you.

We believe that the Lord has called us to leave our current denomination & to purchase the Church and adjoining Beacon building in the town centre of Newquay. This is a fantastic location with many outreach opportunities for us being located in the heart of the community. The URC have given us a wonderful opportunity to buy the two buildings for less than half the market value, a total of £360,000, with them offering a generous mortgage/loan to enable us to do that. But that is still a huge challenge for us.

There of course has been struggles on the way to becoming independent but we have had many prayers answered in ways that only God can do. God has provided three couples new to our church who are gifted in preaching and teaching God’s word. This has been such an encouragement to us and a great help in sharing the ministry work.

Please come along side us in prayer, as we take this step of faith to become an independent fellowship & purchase our building and look forward to sharing the gospel with our community over the coming months and pray God will guide us in how to do this.

All Glory to God.

Matt Bray, Elder – Newquay Evangelical Church

(Whilst Newquay URC is not a member church it has been good to get to know the church leaders  through the local Partnership Leaders’ Cluster, as they progress to becoming an independent church)

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