Step 4 Advice for Places of Worship

Over the weekend the Government updated its advice for places of worship following the move to Step 4 of its recovery plan. Legal requirements for mask wearing and contact tracing have gone, and the onus is placed on individuals for their own safety and for considerate behaviour in view of the needs of others.  Venue Managers still have a responsibility to risk assess, action risk mitigation plans and make those assessments and actions public.

The rising incidence of infection in recent weeks makes it clear that this is not the end of the pandemic by any means.  Desperate as many of us will be to ‘return to normal’, Now, more that ever, our faith should cause us to prefer each others’ needs, to be sensitive to the concerns of the vulnerable, to remember that not everyone who is coming into our building has been double vaccinated and enjoys the high level of protection that we do.

In relation to contact tracing, the new guidelines encourage us to retain our QR codes at entrances, and to continue to provide means to recording for people who have no smartphone access.  These means, for those who choose to continue to use them, should be retained, even though they are no longer a legal requirement.  Similarly, the guidance advocates the availability of hand sanitiser, as well as attention to good ventilation in places of worship.

Don’t forget that if you wish to provide food and beverages there are separate sets of guidelines and regulations with which you should be familiar, and to which you sh9uld ensure that you adhere.

Let’s also remember that outside activity is considered to be a much safer option and be quick to take advantage of this glorious spell of weather to GO and TELL.


Here’s the link to the web page:

COVID-19: guidance for the safe use of places of worship – GOV.UK (

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