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Sharing Jesus at Easter

Easter is always a key part of our Christian calendar and a great opportunity for sharing with others the truth of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.

But what do we do this Easter, when the pandemic’s effects are being felt all across the UK, with many churches remaining closed or with few attending?

Whether your church is looking to open again to celebrate Easter in line with an easing of the restrictions, or whether you will meet virtually to celebrate Christ’s resurrection, this is always a time when churches are thinking about how to share this good news with others.

This year, Agapé UK are releasing a digitally remastered version of the Jesus film. This new version is 60 minutes long and will be streamed on YouTube on Saturday 27th March 2021 at 7.30pm (the film will remain online for a total of 24 hours). The film will be streamed in English, Farsi & Punjabi.

A short 1½-minute introduction to the film invites the viewer to come and see for themselves who this Jesus is. The film ends by posing three questions that Jesus asked those who showed interest in him. There is also an invitation to watch the entire original film (2 hours long), which is available in over 1800 different languages.

Agapé UK are encouraging Christians to personally invite family, friends, work colleagues and neighbours to watch the film from their own homes. There will also be a digital flyer available from Agapé UK. Resources are being offered to churches to help Christians prepare for, and follow-up conversations with, those they want to invite to the event. For more information email connect@agape.org.uk

Watch a preview of the film here.

Evan Winter is the Chief Operations Officer for Partnership and will be involved in his church’s plans to screen the Jesus film this Easter.

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