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Feedback from Essex

Leadership succession is a vital aspect of church sustainability.  Something few church consider… until it is almost too late. Leadership, or the more accurately, the lack of it, was high on the agenda as Broomfield Road Evangelical Church as they considered where they would be as a church in 3-5 years time. As they worked through this question they enlisted the help of Andrew & Rachel Mugford who in turn, turned to our ReNew resource as a vital tool to help in the process.

They started the series in mid May, watching the videos and working through the participants workbooks each week, concluding their last session at the end of June.  Other churches have chosen to work through the material monthly but this weekly rhythm seems to have worked well for the group at Broomfield Road.

Here’s some of the feedback they send us.

The number and length of the sessions, structure and questions were superb – engaging, not drawn out and practical.  The questions were not too simplistic nor too complicated – the participants followed them easily, and were challenged to think things through too.  The recommendations for ice breakers and prayer times at the start and end of the session were really helpful.  Bite-size video sections helped the group take in the material.

“The resource was REALLY appreciated – by us as facilitators and by the group.  It was spot on for the church…

“Not having tried making a video myself, the video you created Simon was amazing.”

“The second series you mentioned on the course  – on sharing faith – sounds great and would, if following the same length and structure, be something we would be very pleased to promote.”

“Thank you for making this available to churches – is a fantastic tool!  Please promote this via Ignite as the wider Counties family should be made aware of it!”

In addition to these very encouraging endorsements of the course the group also supplied some helpful and constructive feedback to help us as we further develop this resource.

We have already re-recorded our Promo Video. You can check it out  here.

Check out our Resources Page to review this material.  It may well be just what your church needs.

If you like what you see… get back to us.


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