Reaching the parts that other technology can’t reach

In the rush to become cloud-based it’s easy to be believe that we’re all online now. Nothing could be further from the truth. Here’s an inclusion idea that’s simple and effective.

Landline and Post are not to be underestimated.  We had one of our home groups (which was mainly younger people) recognise the need and decided to start corresponding with some of the older folk*.  Letters are a good activity for children to practise handwriting which will also help to moderate their screen time.  A letter is still more treasured than an email.  A phone call and a prayer IS much appreciated.

For those who are doing their daily exercise, perhaps they could make contact, choose a route to go in front of the windows of those from the fellowship who aren’t online and simply wave and smile!

*Do make sure that you have the recipient’s permission to share their addressing information, and that you keep it secure, in order to comply with your church’s privacy policy under  GDPR.

Thanks to Clive Hughes of Belmont Chapel for that little nugget

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