Radio Outreach

Bowness on Windermere is a place visited by thousands of tourists. It sits in the heart of the lakes, accessible on all sides by road and river and offers quaint shops and beautiful views, and something else…..because hidden under Bowness gospel Hall is a studio that makes programs that are recorded, then listened to all over the world.

In 1967 evangelist John Knight saw the possibilities for using radio as a means of communicating Christian truth. The seed for Radio Outreach was born in 1967 when John, working on the Cumbria and Westmorland gospel van, desired to use radio to reach local people. For 4 years this was broadcasting from the Isle of Man (Manx radio) until opportunities came to broadcast into China from Taiwan’s national radio. China welcomed increasing trade links with the West and saw radio asa means of teaching English, and so the gospel was broadcast from Taiwan. At the time it wasestimated that Radio Taiwan covered 1/3 of the world population.

By 1980 Radio Outreach was broadcasting over 7 terrestrial radio stations. The broadcasts are clear Bible based messages, accompanied by music and singing. This objective has never changed. Today, programs go by internet radio all over the world. The World Wide Web opens the possibility for people to access information from all over the world in their homes. Radio Outreach programs are no exception. Air time is purchased and high quality programs go out, listened to in 127 countries across the world, some of which would be closed to other forms of gospel outreach.

Since John Knight, David Locke, then Bill Coates have taken on the work of preparing programs to share the gospel. God has been faithful in providing finance for the work and many pray for it on a daily basis. Changes in technology take place frequently, but Radio Outreach has shone a light into ways of using that development to further the gospel command to “Make disciples of all the nations.”

Pray for this work and, next time you are in Bowness, look out for this little building and remember the extent of the witness that goes on inside.

More information can be found online at and radio outreach is also available as an app.

Andy Dykes- North West regional coordinator, Partnership UK.

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