Quickie Shares from the South West

From Graham Poland one of the Elders and pastor at Grosvenor Church Barnstaple, a large three campus church, and Clive Hughes, part of the Leadership Team at Belmont Chapel, in Exeter

Graham writes:

Yesterday’s attempts at live streaming via Facebook and YouTube had a mixed result – a bit problematic at Barnstaple campus where we pre-recorded everything. We were successful in Bideford where it was broadcast live on a Facebook page and has had a viewing of over 3.5k! Torrington campus was also successful via Facebook live with a lot of interaction with live comments and more of a ‘chat’ live format.

We are holding small groups via Zoom and using WhatsApp chats between various groups. We all need to be aware of 31:8 guidelines for safeguarding, especially with 1 to 1 chats with youth.

and Clive says:

So far we’ve

  • had Leadership Team meetings via Zoom
  • recorded uusic for later broadcast.
  • broadcast live an AM talk and all age family session
  • Run several 121 meetings, bible study, visits, House Group gatherings via video conference.  This route needs patience and time set aside to set everyone up, but most folk with an email address have found Zoom to be most straightforward.

WhatsApp is limited to 4 people for a video call but is the simplest (non iphone) video call format so long as you have a smartphone.

We’re emphasising the importance of looking out for our communities and not only sustaining our own community.

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