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Partners Preaching

Another Partners Preaching event took place earlier in June. This is a Partnership between larger churches, where there are often lots of preachers and smaller churches, where speakers are harder to find. We link the needs of both churches together by taking potential preachers from a larger church and giving them opportunities to speak in a smaller fellowship.


In this case it meant myself and a younger preacher going to Emmanuel Church, Pensby for two weeks. We prepared and talked together beforehand, then each of us preached for a week. When the two weeks were over we reflected on how they had gone and on what we had learned. In this case in was such a blessing to see how nerves had gone and the gospel was so clearly presented.


It was also unusual in that the church is meeting in the car park for the moment. Their circumstances make it the best option for now and it was really good to sing together again and to hear God’s Word preached in the warm sunshine.


One of the greatest ways of expressing the unity of the church is when churches find cooperative partnerships that benefit both fellowships.

Andy Dykes

Partnership Regional Co-ordinator (North West)

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