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Our Man At Capernwray

Capernwray Hall, in Lancashire, is a Bible College in term time and a Christian Holiday Centre in the Summer break.  They also run single-parent family weeks, youth weeks and a variety of other activities. It is a beautiful location with amazing facilities.

Brexit and Covid have combined to make the last 2 years very difficult, but on Saturday 3rd July, Capernwray was delighted to welcome holiday guests again for the first time in well over a year.

Our own, Simon Ladd, (Partnership Area Coordinator EAST) was the speaker for the first two weeks. The theme was ‘From a Distance’ – exploring the impact of the ‘distancing’ of Covid on our faith and churches, and reminding ourselves or the unfailing nearness of God.

During the daily Bible teaching – Simon had opportunity to give people a general introduction to the work of Partnership.

This introduction included a guided tour of the website including the ‘resources drop-down menu’ which leads to the ReNew material – with it’s tag-line “Bible Principles and Practical Steps Towards Church Revitalisation.”

As a taster for ReNew, one of the teaching sessions at Capernwray followed the general outline of ReNew Session on the subject of change. Change is inevitable – but how do churches handle it well? The ReNew Session talks in detail about the challenges and opportunities of change – and explores what CAN be changed, what CAN’T be changed and what MUST be changed in our presentation of the Gospel.

ReNew might be exactly what your leadership team needs as we are learning to do church in a new landscape. It is 5 sessions – with all the resources online including the videos (10 to 15 minutes) and the Leaders Notes and the Participant Notes in downloadable form.

And ReNew is FREE – (with a request at the end that you consider making a donation to Partnership, based on what your church can afford and what you think it has been worth to you).

[Editor’s note: Visit our website to find out more about ReNew and how it help your church.]

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