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New Appointment at Manor Road Evangelical Church

We are delighted at MREC to have appointed Abraham Debbarma as our first ever Pastor. It has been 18 months (ish) since we started the search process during which, we have spoken to many lovely men about the role of Pastor. We have been thankful for the help received from people in the CSI and at Partnership for their counsel during this time especially Colin Holmes early on and Alistair Hornal more recently.

We have been encouraged as we have met with Abraham by his deep love of the Lord, commitment to Pastoral care and his humility. Our prayer is that as he, Katy, Zach, Esther and Timothy join us in January,  they will know a warm welcome as they join a new church family and be able to settle into this new area with their 3 lovely children Zach, Esther and Timothy.

In the time already spent with them we feel confident that they will be an incredible asset as part of this local church family. In Katy, Abraham has a lovely Godly and supportive wife, and we as a church, will be gaining a wise and Godly sister in Christ too.

We want to thank God for how we have been led to this moment in our church history and desire that God is glorified as Abraham comes and works among us, and that we see the community reached with the glorious gospel of the Lord Jesus.

Marc Raisbeck (Deacon)

Manor Road Evangelical Church


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