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Learning to Preach – Feedback

The workshops were run weekly on 5 consecutive Monday evenings for one hour. between 7:30pm and 8:30pm.  They were built around Jeremy and Stephen McQuoid’s book “Learning to Preach”.

The topics covered were:

  • Session 1: Hearing from God and Preparing to Preach
  • Session 2: The Subject and Structure of a Sermon
  • Session 3: Introductions, Illustrations and Conclusions
  • Session 4: Preaching on a Topic, a Character or a Controversial Subject
  • Session 5: Preparing a Short Talk and Developing a Preaching Gift

Graham’s comments after the workshop were finished were positive.

“I think that it worked well via Zoom, although I think we could have done with more time each evening… We had 17 that signed up, 2 didn’t start, one dropped out because of work pressure and one (lady) took all the zoom recordings and did it in her own time as she could not make Mondays. Could have done with more female faces but maybe it creates assumptions that it is a male domain.”

The attendees were equally positive.  Here are some of their comments.

“Thank you for running this course and allowing me to participate – I have found the course very informative and it has been great hearing everyone’s contributions.”

“Thank you very much for the last five weeks, it’s been very thought provoking and has taught me a lot. My attitude toward preaching has been reshaped to the better.”

“This course has given me a very solid base from which to build my skills in preaching. It truly promotes the skills needed for sound, clear and inspiring preaching. I have enjoyed the sample sermons we were given, they have been useful in seeing preaching as an art form that should hold the audience’s attention and promote self-examination. The recommended reading for the course is also very useful for the preacher’s library. A lot is packed into five weeks but this enables a clear taste of all aspects of sermon preparation for would be preachers.”

And one even recorded a short video which you can view here

Graham would be willing to re-run these workshops if there was sufficient interest.  Check out the report on our news page and, if either you, or even a group from your church, are interested email us at

Copies of the book ” Learning to Preach” are available here

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