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Our Admin Support Assistant writes…

Hello. My name is Jess and I have been working for Partnership since July 2019. I work part-time for Partnership and the other part of my week is spent planning and resourcing Christian RE lessons with a small team of Christian teachers that goes into Primary and Secondary schools.

In the time I have been working for Partnership, I have been managing the transition from outsourcing our subscription renewals with Christian Publishing and Outreach to managing our subscription renewals internally. We are now managing all our subscription renewals in house, with reminders to renew subscriptions being sent out by email. This direct link with our supporters has made the process much smoother and quicker than it has been previously and I want to thank you for your quick and helpful responses to emails and forms that I have sent out. All of your responses help improve our communication with you and make sure we hold the correct information for your membership.

The one big challenge I currently face is not having email addresses for all Partnership members. For these members, letters are still being sent out, but we would ideally like to communicate with all of our members by email. If you are a member and have never received an email from me, this might be a sign that I do not hold your email address on our main database, which is separate from your monthly newsletter, so please get in touch at info@partnershipuk.org so that I can update this. Equally, if you know another Partnership member who is not receiving the information I am sending out by email, then please feel free to kindly suggest that they also get in touch.

I am always here to help if you have any questions or issues with your Partnership membership, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Neil Walker, who oversees membership matters, adds…

Jess is too modest to tell you that she has actually revolutionised the supporter processes from start to finish, subtly introducing forms of office automation that mean our communication with you can be more timely and accurate, which benefits us all. The move to e-mail from paper also means we have a much clearer trail of communication between us, which often informs the resolution of problems, which can occur from time to time.  We want to do the best for you, so you can understand Jess’s frustration when she doesn’t have an up to date e-mail address or, as is sometimes the case, and e-mail address at all. Let’s help her out if we are able.

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