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Journey Church Harrow appoints Mission Catalyst

We are really excited to announce that at the start of October 2021 Victoria Wheeler took up post as our Mission Catalyst.  Her role will be to assist Journey Church Harrow as we fulfil the core missionary task of making disciples and role out our four-fields strategy. She will be working with our existing outreach ministries and training programs but will also be looking for ways to bridge into the South Asian community.

Victoria originally comes from Texas and will be with us for an initial two-year placement courtesy of a partnership with both East-West and GEM.  In addition to working with us as a church, she will be supporting the development of both NoPlaceLeftHarrow & NoPlaceLeftLondon as well as, exploring wider involvement of East-West in the UK.

John Jenkins

Elder – Journey Church Harrow

Mission Catalyst – NoPlaceLeftHarrow & NoPlaceLeftLondon

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