Ideas and thoughts from Abbey Church in Gloucester

It is good and helpful to hear how other brothers and sisters are responding. In terms of services and weekly activities ours all came to a grinding halt when each of the buildings we used for different purposes were closed to us a week ago. So we live-streamed a service using zoom so different people could be involved from their living room etc. We had some tech problems but we have weeks to get better. I think people liked seeing other faces pop up on the screen.

Starting tomorrow we have also set up several zooms for the weekly community (small)  groups, prayer meeting etc.

I like the idea of a daily podcast and I wonder if we could link that to doing something like the 40 day material as I have a feeling this is going to continue a little longer than Easter.

Looking at linking up those who are more isolated or on the fringe with ‘buddies’ using existing natural relationships, with a regular link up by phone etc.

Someone encouraged me to use my daily ‘Boris walk’ to call in on people from the church and have a chat albeit from several meters apart. That worked well today with the weather being so good and folk seemed to appreciate that.

In terms of getting out into and serving the community we are not quite ready to launch Neighbourhood Chaplains – although ‘for such a time as this’ – we are looking to link with the local council sponsored initiative and post their leaflets to our local streets and see if we can work together as a group. That will also be a good way to prepare for Neighbourhood Chaplains when we get our polo shirts.

Look forward to hearing your ideas.

Andrew (Abbey Church, Gloucester)

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