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Hi Cris!

In July we welcomed Cris Mezei to the Partnership Team.  He joins us to provide valuable admin support.  Here’s’ something of Cris’ story.

Cris was born into a Christian Orthodox home in Romania. As he grew up his faith in God wasn’t strong and he began to feel fearful. Nicoleta was a school friend who had come to know the Lord and she encouraged him to read the Bible. As he read his fears began to subside and he put his trust in Jesus. He joined the Baptist church in Constanta and in 2011 married Nicoleta. In 2012 they were sent to the UK by the church as part of a church-planting team, working initially with Romanians. Emmaus Church was planted in Birmingham and soon began to attract other nationalities.

Due to work commitments they moved to Warwick in 2014 and, due to the distance and travel found involvement in Emmaus quite difficult so they joined Myton Church in Lexington. Cris’ background is in designing and developing websites so he has set up his own business and already has a number of missions as his clients. We believe he has much to offer to the network through his work with Partnership.

Evan Winter

Chief Operations Officer

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