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Something Stirring In The East

Midday November 12th saw the first ever Partnership (East) Zoom Meet up. The Partnership (East) Area covers 6916 square miles. Some of the churches are 100 miles apart and some of the leaders have never even seen each other. We have all got used to Zoom during lockdown – so let’s make use of it.

In this first meeting people introduced themselves and shared a little of their experiences ( good and bad) about lockdown. Victor Jack then shared a 5-minute Bible devotion that encouraged, challenged and inspired us in the way that he has been doing for many years.

The participants are now being asked for feedback. The draft plan is to make this a monthly meeting – and as we get to know each other, I believe that this will grow into an important arena to share, support each other, learn from each other and pray.

Please email for further information and your invitation to the next online zoom meet-up.

Simon Ladd – Partnership Regional Coordinator

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