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Brothers, Jeremy and Stephen McQuoid, have collaborated on Learning to Preach: Biblical Preaching in the Local Church which has just been published jointly by OPAL Trust and Partnership.

Communication remains fundamental to human society, and we do more of it than we have ever done before, in amazing ways. Good communication is fundamental to Christianity, and much of it is in real time, either in the flesh and or online. So learning to preach is as important in Christianity as it ever was. But the modern context is more challenging, surrounded as we are by so many good examples in the secular media and entertainment.

This book faces up squarely to the challenges of preaching effectively today. It’s what practising and potential preachers need in order to help them be better at what they do. It can be profited from individually, and it can be used in small groups for training purposes.

It is the third title in the Learning to … series. The others are:

Learning to Lead: Next Generation by David Clarkson and Stephen McQuoid

Learning to Share the Good News: Evangelism and the Local Church by Stephen McQuoid

Order copies on https://partnershipuk.org/books/

  Stephen McQuoid

   Jeremy McQuoid

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