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Food For The Body… Food For The Soul

We were very conscious of the political storm in Parliament the week before the school half term holiday over the provision of lunches for those entitled to free school meals.  We try not to get embroiled in politics, but we recognised the strain this would be for local families, given the rise in unemployment in Cornwall during 2020.  And whilst we wanted to show the compassion of the Lord Jesus and meet very real needs within our community, it was essential that we also shared the message of the Gospel.

So, we scrambled a Zoom meeting with the church leadership team at 10:00pm on the Saturday evening and were ready and set by that Monday morning, for providing free packed lunches to any who needed it within our local communities of Camborne and Pool.  The local YWAM base (YWAM Immerse Cornwall) put all their weight behind the project and were a fantastic help throughout the week.

Over those five days, we distributed 174 packed lunches; 261 Good News papers; 131 Light Party bags for the children (containing Gospel crafts, sweets and Gospel literature); and 28 copies of Luke’s Gospel.  As in all of these situations, we may never know the long-term impact of this outreach, but folk were very grateful at the time and in messages received since.  There were two connections we made that week which we pray will bear fruit for the Kingdom.  One was a backslidden Christian who had a remarkable encounter with the team and they were able to pray for him; the other was a family who we have since connected with the local Foodbank.  This family gladly received prayer and we remain in contact with them.

We trust and pray that all these seeds will bear fruit for the glory and fame of Jesus.

Tim Bodman – Team Pastor, Camborne Community Church


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