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In 1954  I was invited to a gospel hall youth night where we sang choruses, played games and heard Bible stories. Later we were given a great holiday at Brean, Somerset where each evening we heard the gospel and were challenged to give our hearts to Jesus. One night I did, but nothing happened. Fast forward to a Billy Graham rally at a Baptist church in Bromley relayed from Haringey and this time I felt God directing Billy’s words just at me. Then I did know God was speaking and I gave my life to Christ. I was confronted with a thought that if this was true then it had to be true for all the world, not just white Anglo Saxons (Matt 28 v 18.) My immediate concern  was for Muslims living under Communism in  Central Asia a vast continent of 300,000,000 people, including Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and all the other “Stans’ ”

Working as a civil engineer in Harley Street,  again God’s call came through George Verwer who challenged us at a Youth for Christ rally in Bromley to forsake all and follow Christ.  That decision led to joining a team to travel through North Africa, with Operation Mobilisation followed by marriage to Nancy, who suffered a broken neck in returning from Iran. She has been my partner and coach in many ways and has given us two sons. We   distributed Bibles and other Christian literature in Iran and  Afghanistan where, in my ignorance, I visited mosques to share the Good News of Jesus the Messiah. Now that call and vision has solidified into serving Muslim background believers in a Christian University in Moldova by teaching missions and intra-cultural studies we enable them to return to Central Asia as pastors, evangelists and church workers. All the years of study and experiences have enabled us to understand  what Islam is, where it came from and how to win its followers to Christ. This takes place under three rubrics: Context, Content and Communication of the Gospel. Our text for this phase is 2 Timothy 2   “make disciples”! Some 1600 students have now graduated.

The context in which Islam was formed is important . Many in the early churches did not truly preach Christ. The era was full of  confused and badly misguided inter church conflicts. Content of the Qur’an and the major texts of Islam helps us realise that much of its origins come from the Old and New Testament. There is much common ground between the three Abrahamic faiths so we must  use these links to share Christ and enable Muslims to see that the teachings they have can only be  completed in Christ. It’s up to the local churches to hold out lovingly  His Words of Life. We recognise that Britain today is a multi-cultural state and we can help the Church develop relationship  skills  by teaching and producing literature that is intelligent and sensitive to both Christians and Muslims.

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