Supporting a Pastor in Training – Part 2

Why a pastor in training?

Having come fresh out of Bible College I began, as you do, applying for roles in the ministry. I had used the FIEC website and applied for several Assistant roles. During my application process I was informed that although I had the qualifications, I did not have the experience of working in a church or doing the ministry 9-5. Then along came Salway.

A pastor in training seemed like an odd role, I hadn’t heard of one before, but after discussing on the phone with Ian what they were looking for, a recent graduate looking for ministry experience, I decided to fill out the application form.

What does a pastor in training do?

If I could sum up my role in one word it would be Exposure. The main aim of my role is to expose me to as many areas of Church life as possible from mundane meetings to exciting evangelism and everything in between. There are some things that I have done down here which I might never have had the opportunity to try, save from being thrust into a full ministry role. But like every ministry it has its ups and downs and both are essential for growth. The ups show that God is bearing fruit in my ministry and giving me the grace to minister to his sheep. The downs present challenges about where things need to change, both internally and externally, and provide the necessary experience for when the same type of situation happens again.

Where from here?

I suspect that following my time at Salway it will lead to a further role. Hopefully I will use the skills and disciplines learned in this environment to help me move to an area of ministry I feel more equipped, or perhaps to equip me in the things that are not as well established in my ministry.

Jamie Gallacher – Pastor in Training, Salway Evangelical Church

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