Crowdsourcing – one body, many parts: it works and it’s incredibly useful

An embodiment of the church has been happening this week in cyberspace.  A group of ‘folks who know how’ have been putting together an incredibly useful index of digital communication tools for us to use in the current circumstances.

With the current dynamic circumstances our church leaders, communications teams and church staff are grappling with new and different ways of working.  A group of Christian technologists are responding to the challenge of providing useful information for those faced with managing local church responses.

They’ve clearly realised that practical advice now, with an ability to continually revise it as the situation develops, rather than a polished tome in 3 weeks with pretty pictures but completely out of date, is the order of the day.

They’re using a google tool which allows this index to be available online for all of us whilst they add to and refine it.  And if you need something that you can’t find there, just fill out a form and somebody who knows will get working on it – brilliant. An ideal tool for such a time as this.  Use it!

Oh, and don’t confuse this activity with crowdsurfing – that’s a completely different activity which breaches current Government instructions.  You will find the index at

Neil Walker is a Partnership Trustee and local church leader

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