Connecting Care

How do we continue to provide pastoral care when we have little or no physical contact but at a time when it is needed more than ever? That was the question that prompted us to set up ‘Connecting Care’ a zoom event for Partnership SW on Thursday evening 11 February.

We focused the evening around three brief presentations:

  • Physical contact – how do we make the most of what is possible under the current restrictions, by David Hannah the Community Pastor at Glebe Chapel, Newent
  • Telephone conversations – some practical guidelines from Kim Conlan, an NHS mental health therapist whose client sessions are on telephone or zoom
  • Pastoral care for young people – Jon Hancock, youth pastor at Belmont, Exeter.

I think we all learnt some new things and while it was particularly looking at the current situations we face, the principles and much of the practice would apply at any time.

Here are three things I took away from the evening:

  1. I could make more of the opportunity to go for ‘pastoral’ walks with another person.
  2. Shorter more regular focused telephone calls are the best way to support someone and there was a handy script guide to remind me of the things I often forget.
  3. Young people are finding life particularly difficult and so are their parents and Jon gave some helpful things I can pray and do.

If you were not one of the 40 screens who were on the live event then you can still access the presentations via the S W Region page on our website. (Link to follow shortly)

Andrew Conlan, Partnership SE Regional Co-Ordinator

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