Church Revitalisation

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Growing Churches

Have you a God given passion to see your fellowship overflow with vitality and life, making a real impact for the Gospel in your location?

The church revitalisation project can help. Combining their resources Counties, Church Growth Trust, GLO and Partnership collaborate with key church leaders to support local churches in seeking God’s guidance on how to become more effective in their mission.

  • Does the leadership and congregation have a clear and shared sense of purpose?
  • Are your activities shaped to fulfil your mission and vision?
  • Do you see many opportunities for outreach but aren’t sure how to effectively engage with the community or motivate your members?

No matter how well or poorly your church appears to be doing having input from an experienced, external objective adviser can help your assessment. Our aim is to help independent churches maximize their mission potential.

How the project works:

Initial contact with Church Revitalisation Project – adviser appointed

Adviser conducts a Church Health Check with leadership and members

Feedback and advice given as part of local leadership discussions of an action plan for growth

Adviser continues to support local leadership in implementation of their plan

At every stage the local church leadership remains in control of the process. For more details see brochure.

Tools that are used to help the church assess itself are the reNew video series and the Church Health Check.

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