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So here we are 5 months on from the time that we went into lockdown and we have all learnt lots of lessons, sometimes the hard way, but we are older and wiser and wondering where we go from here; so much to think about.  Like the Israelites in exile, we feel we wonder how we can sing the Lord’s song in a land that feels strange.  That will certainly be true if we have connected as church on Zoom – singing together has not always gone too well.

As we look ahead we are can now go back to our buildings, assuming we have our own building, but again it is different and we long for the familiarity of coming together as we used to, but know that is not going to be possible for some time.

Do we explore livestreaming, and our thoughts may go immediately to the technical issues that we may face, but have we thought about the different challenges that presenting to camera will bring us?  How can we maximise our effectiveness in this new environment?  Help is at hand in various places, for example:-

We are all learning as we go and that is the value of a blog like this where we can learn from each other’s experiences, both successes and failures

Philip Miles is Treasurer and Trustee of Partnership, and is part of the leadership team at Parkview Chapel

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