Christmas Where I Am

Like many churches the services at Christmas are the ones where Shirley Baptist Church receives most visitors. So, a great deal of time and effort is taken to make these as seeker-friendly and evangelistic as possible. While this year will be very different we will be live-streaming services and have produced publicity materials (see image) for the members to invite their neighbours and friends to join. Our prayer is that this might actually attract more people to listen as they won’t have to cross any obstacles (either physical or mental) to attend.

Evan Winter is Partnership’s new Chief Operations Officer.  

Why not add a note of the plans you have where you are?  Some are scratching their heads over what to do, and may benefit from your experiences.

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  1. Neil Walker

    Our Hall stands at the foot of two tower blocks. It’s long and narrow, so under Social Distancing we can fit less that 2 dozen folks inside – so we’re taking to the Outdoors this Christmas. Our neighbours are naturally socially distanced – vertically! We have a floodlit band led carol service planned, we’re Sharing The Light through acts of kindness in the blocks and we’re using lit displays in every window of our building to bring as much light into the area as we can. Today we take delivery of a scrolling LED message board, which will also send the light through the next month.

    Neil Walker is an Elder in a tiny fellowship in the West Midlands

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