Practical ideas for being church in the age of covid-19

Re-opening your church building

No rushing headlong into this week-end, but ensuring we are thinking about our individual contexts and settings, will be key to the safe re-opening, which may take some time, despite…

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Churches Allowed To Reopen
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Yesterday, in Parliament, the Prime Minister announced a whole raft of measures to ease the current lockdown restrictions, including one in particular, that will be of special interest to churches…

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Reflections on a Global Pandemic
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The past few months have been some of the most dramatic of our lifetime.  A virus that apparently originated in China spread globally to the point to which barely any…

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Broadcasting Church
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Broadcasting Church

Streaming Your Church Services legally and attractively. Because of the Covid lockdown many churches have started broadcasting their services. It was all a bit rushed, we didn’t really know what…

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Emerging From Lockdown

As June draws to a close, more and more church leaders are asking questions about the "when" and the "how" of reopening our church buildings.  Whilst the Government has yet…

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Rebuilding a renewed society
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Rebuilding a renewed society

Lockdown is loosening right across the UK, sparking many questions about the future of our country. We at the Evangelical Alliance believe that the UK church has a vital role…

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‘God’s word is not chained!’ 2 Timothy 2:9 The country may be in lockdown.  But rather than hindering gospel progress, this is already proving to be a time of multiplied…

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