Butterflies, Bees and Bears with sore heads

How will we come out of lockdown, now that permission has been given, and the minefield of restrictive advice made plain? Will we emerge tentatively, float serenely, transformed by the experience? Will we have a sense of purpose and be eager to get back to being productive, busily racing around?  Maybe we’ll wonder whether it is yet time to leave aside our hibernation dens, take tentative steps, snuffle around while we stretch our limbs, and find our feet gradually?

Whatever our approach, it may be helpful to others to hear how we are doing it – reassurance that the misgivings we are having are not unique to us, ideas that have worked for other people which fuel next steps for us.

Do use the comments section to add to this post. Just a couple of paragraphs of your story will be so helpful.  Five minutes of your time will be appreciated by very many people……..

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  1. Trevor Palfreyman

    Grace Community Church, Tipton

    On Sunday 12th July 2020 several gardens in various local places were used as COVID safe outside spaces, to gather in appropriate small numbers of up to 6 people from different households with social distancing, as per Government guidelines and still be together as Church.

    Tim our pastor has every week been putting the services together online, so using technology, the gardens were alive to the welcome, prayers, bible readings and sermon; as well as the welcome, albeit safely distanced human contact and conversation.

    Afterwards short 7-10 second video clips were shared on the Church’s WhatsApp group, so to see and share what had been happening with a wave and greeting for all.

    We may be limited in our ability to get together at the current time, but the desire to share the good news of Christ is undiminished.

  2. Ray Walker

    Offmore Church, Kidderminster.

    We have been having all our meetings on Zoom, but sadly, some folk have been unable to share in any of them. The lifting of restrictions has been welcomed, and the church building has been re-opened, with all the appropriate safeguards. However there are those who are still ‘shielding’ and unable to attend in person, so we now have two Sunday morning services, the first on Zoom, followed half an hour after by Morning Service in the church building. This allows time for those who are able, to be at both services (and they do!). For the present, we are continuing our weeknight services (Prayer, Bible Study, Missionary, etc.) on Zoom, as we have found attendance has been good and the informal chat before and after very beneficial. In addition we have been keeping in touch by having a weeknight ‘social’ meeting – no formality, just seeing each other and sharing our ups and downs. The ‘lockdown’ has brought us closer in many ways, for which we thank the Lord.

  3. Beth Dickson

    We don’t have our own building but rent space from a local secondary school. This means we have to be in touch with the local council before we know whether it would be possible to meet again in the school or whether the cleaning requirements would be more than the council could cope with given the building’s purpose is to teach school children. We are working well with our ‘church together apart’ Zoom and Facebook streamed services. These have brought people with great gifts for online worship to the churches attention and it will be important to preserve what we have learned in the weeks to come.

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