Welcome to Gerston Chapel, Paignton
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We extend a warm welcome to Gerston Chapel who have recently joined Partnership.  If you are ever able to visit them when you are on holiday in the Torbay area…

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Training A New Generation Of Gospel Leaders
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Someone once said the ministry is a Marathon, not a SPRINT. South Park Chapel has been witnessing the Gospel of Jesus Christ since 1905. Many things around have been changed…

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Who Says Workers Have To Be Salaried?
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We are very grateful to God that through this whole Covid-19 period we determined continue the search for some more mission team members for Highgate International Church. So, as autumn…

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M4 Second National Gathering
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Last month 64 church planters gathered from 10 church plants across the UK, via zoom, for a landmark ground-breaking UK learning community. Covid-19 may have changed plans, but it has…

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Introducing Redruth Baptist Church
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We are delighted to welcome 4 new churches to the Partnership Network, one of which is Redruth Baptist Church This is how Andrew Chapple, senior elder at Redruth Baptist describes…

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Come on… keep up!
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A chance comment in a conversation online with some other church leaders alerts you to an update to the Government COVID-19 guidance that somehow had passed you by.  "Oh no!…

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Churches Allowed To Reopen
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Yesterday, in Parliament, the Prime Minister announced a whole raft of measures to ease the current lockdown restrictions, including one in particular, that will be of special interest to churches…

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Reflections on a Global Pandemic
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The past few months have been some of the most dramatic of our lifetime.  A virus that apparently originated in China spread globally to the point to which barely any…

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Emerging From Lockdown

As June draws to a close, more and more church leaders are asking questions about the "when" and the "how" of reopening our church buildings.  Whilst the Government has yet…

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