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A Time To ReNew

The tag-line of ReNew is “Bible principles and practical steps towards church revitalisation.”

ReNew is a video-based online course, with accompanying notes for leaders and participants. All the resources are available through the Partnership website – and it is free, although churches who use it are invited to make a contribution, based on what they can afford and what they think it has been worth!

The first session is called GET REAL – and it gives churches a framework to make a realistic assessment of their strengths and weaknesses.

Session 2 is CHANGE. Change is inevitable – but how can it be handled well? Some things cannot change, some things can change and some things must change. Sorting out which is which is essential.

MYSTERY SHOPPER is session 3. If potential leaders should have a good reputation with outsiders (1 Timothy 3:7) – surely this is something that the Church should aim for too. What does your community think of your church? Here are ways to find out, and build links and relationships at the same time

Session 4 THE CHURCH. Let’s get inspired as we explore the commission, resources, the glorious potential, and the unshakeable promises that Christ has given to his church

VISION, MISSION, STRATEGY. How would you like your church to look in 3 year’s time; 5 years; 10 years. It is not possible to get there by drifting. What tools are needed and what steps must be taken to get from here to there? ReNew always aims to be Biblical and practical. The questions faced are urgent – but this is balanced with encouragement and the reassurance that, if we are going God’s way, we can draw on His resources and expect His blessing.

As churches emerge from lockdown – it is not enough just to get the machinery of church rolling again and fall into the same routines as before.

There has been a shaking in the nations, in society and in the church. This is a good time to check our priorities and activities against Scripture and to make sure that we are setting aside time to think and listen to what the Spirit is saying to the churches.

ReNew is already being used in Devon, London, south coast, Manchester, the east; here are few words of endorsement: –

“A lot of common sense spiritual wisdom squeezed into each 10 minute video! Simon shows that he understands how churches think and provides plenty of good material to help them begin to look at their situation and change.” (Ian Rees – Pastor, Salway Evangelical Church)

Simon Ladd – Partnership Co-ordinator, East

For more information visit our Revitalisation section on our website

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