You are currently viewing ADVANCE – Compact Bible & Missions Training (31st January to 25th February 2021
ADVANCE – Compact Bible & Missions Training (31st January to 25th February 2021

This compact programme of Bible and Mission studies is delivered over four weeks at Tilsley College. ADVANCE offers students a range of subjects that will allow them to grow in faith and understanding and encourage them to go in obedience to the Great Commission whether locally or globally.

It would serve well those who are thinking carefully about their faith, who are keen to progress in discipleship or who are ready to engage with training for local community outreach or cross-cultural mission.

ADVANCE offers you a genuine Bible college experience, but will also equip you in a short space of time to think deeply about Christian faith and practice. ADVANCE promises to help you move forward in your Christian life in a purposeful way.

ADVANCE – Unit 1 (2weeks)

Introduction to Theology

The Gospel Story in Romans

Bible Interpretation

The Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts

The Christian Life


ADVANCE – Unit 1 (2 Weeks)

Acts and the Early Church

Mission Studies

World Religions

Reaching our Communities

The Christian Life

Who can apply? The ADVANCE programme is open to anyone aged 18 to 80! There are no formal entry requirements other than one reference from your local church leader and a genuine desire for following Jesus.

What does it cost? ADVANCE is delivered in a residential training setting with fees set at £750 including full board and lodging, and tuition. Day students can also access the programme at a cost of £350 (including tuition, refreshments and a light lunch). Early bird enrolment before the 15th November 2021 will reduce these fees by £100 and £50 respectively.

How long is it for? ADVANCE is delivered over four weeks consisting of two blocks of two weeks. This offers people flexible access to the ADVANCE content according to their own personal circumstances. Applicants are welcome to study the first half or the second half of the programme but preferably they should complete the whole four-week programme for maximum benefit.

Where do I apply? Apply for ADVANCE NOW! Residential places are limited. Go to the Tilsley website and click “Apply Now”, select ADVANCE and fill in some contact details. We will be in touch with you thereafter… welcome to ADVANCE!

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