You are currently viewing Unity – Jonathan Lamb. Recording now available… well worth watching.
Unity – Jonathan Lamb. Recording now available… well worth watching.

We were privileged to have Jonathan come and join us at Tiverton in November. As his most recent book  “Essentially One – Striving for the unity God loves” had received many good reviews we thought it would be good to hear him on that very subject.

“The most spectacularly unanswered prayer in world history is John 17:21” (Goldingay)

While Jonathan was not necessarily agreeing with the statement above, it was a reminder of both how ‘God loves unity’ and perhaps, how little we strive for it.

Personally, I found Jonathan’s message very challenging. Yes, I knew that unity within his body was important and something that God asks us to work at and work out, but I had not grasped just how important it is. Important for our fellowship, for the credibility of the gospel but also just how important this is to God. I came away with a greater awareness of the need and an intention to ‘make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit’.

So I would encourage you to take time to watch the recording of the event.  You’ll find it in the Video section on the Resources page on the Partnership website,

If you do, I am sure that you will better appreciate the unity that is ours and have a greater desire to experience that both within your local church and also the wider church family.

Andrew Conlan – Partnership Regional Co-ordinator (South West)

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