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Living The Passion – Programme & Seminars Announced

An exciting list of seminar titles for Living The Passion 2021 have been announced.  They are as followed:

Together – main session themes

1. Firm Foundations (Saturday) – Derek Burnside
Making disciples who are sure of their identity in Christ.

2. Developing and maintaining unity (Sunday) – Richard Harknet
‘Being one, staying one.’

Engaging with 21st Innovations in mission

3. Embracing technology (Saturday) – Aderyn Taylor-Roberts & Tim Cracknell
Using free and accessible tools to enable even small churches extend their reach and grow.

4. Virtually face to face (Sunday) – Martin & Rachel Erwin
How do we continue to engage with people who have come to Christ or encountered the church during the virtual period?

5. Did the iPhone ruin our children? (Sunday) – Gareth Armstrong
Exploring some of the inter-generational and cross generational opportunities and challenges that technologies bring.

Engaging with the Bible

6. The What and Why of the Bible (Saturday) – Mark Davies
Understanding the nature and purpose of God’s written revelation.

7. Effective Bible knowledge (Sunday) – Mark Davies, Nathan Davies & Jess Segalov
The role of the written text in the Christian community and how we engage with it in the 21st century.

Engaging with Contemporary Mental Health Challenges

8. Developing good mental health and personal well-being (Saturday) – Ruth Rice
Understanding the importance of well being and sharing personal strategies for healthy growth.

9. Churches engaging with mental health (Sunday) – Helen Lewis
Thinking through mental health/illness and pastoral care in the local church

Other Contemporary Challenges

10. Race (Saturday) – Harry Chinkumbi
How do we face the past, engage with contemporary understanding of racism, and learn to live God-honouring lives with each other in a multi-cultural world.

11. Where next in the Gender identity stories? (Saturday) – Ian Burness
Continuing reflections on the changes, challenges and opportunities of our alternative families’ world; exploring the grace, truth, love, response.

12. Take Care of the Garden! (Sunday) – Rachie Ross
A Biblical mandate for action in this time of climate concern; what we can do and say, so we become the change we are calling for.

Details of the full programme can be access from the Living the Passion website.

There are still places available for this years’ conference.  Go to the Living The Passion website to book your place today.

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